BookWyrm is a Fediverse alternative to Amazon's GoodReads, letting you review books, share reading lists, discover new books and interact with other readers. You can follow at:

➡️ @bookwyrm

The website is at

There are lists of instances to join at and

You can follow BookWyrm accounts from Mastodon etc, for example @mouse

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Note to self

If you want to try another window manager or desktop environment on your Raspberry pi, you can override your working .xinitrc and run it by issuing startx followed by the path to the window manager, for example:

$ startx /usr/bin/dwm

Today I found out about , an hosted vscode instance with deep github integration. To edit my blog on the go, I essentially made this on an digitalocean droplet myself. Time to compare the two.

August Community Update!

We're excited to announce the
#PineNote: fast refresh e-ink panel, 4GB RAM, 128GB eMMC, Rockchip RK3566- $399

- #PinePhone keyboard enters production - coming soon

- #PinebookPro new touchpad firmware

- #PineTime & #PineDio

- development updates

And _much_ more!

So a work colleague sent out an invite over Google Calendar to a videoconference hosted on our company Jitsi server yesterday, and because Google is "smart" they decided to add prominent links to *its own service* to the in more prominent than the actual link to our Jitsi server that we were using. It did so without asking permission or prior warning.

After the customer sat in an empty Google meeting for 10 minutes we phoned directly to direct him to the proper meeting...

Barrier is Symless Fork which just works™️

Try it out its amazing.

Use one Keyboard and Mouse across desktops.

>> Open-source KVM software

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Hey, Mastodon v3.1.3 raises the minimum required version of Redis from 3 to 4. I have now included a bold warning about this in the release notes -- I'm sorry I haven't done so from the start.

Les gens qui n'ont "rien à cacher", ils se promènent tout nu dans la rue ?
Ils envoient leurs courriers officiels mentionnant leurs revenus, leur patrimoine, leur situation de famille, leur données médicales, etc, sans enveloppe ?
Ils ne mettent pas de rideaux à leurs fenêtres ?
Ils dorment à l’hôtel avec la porte ouverte ?
Moi, j'ai des trucs à cacher. Et je le revendique.
Et au gouvernement, ils n'ont rien à cacher peut-être ?? Comptes en Suisse et mandats bidons, ha ha ha...

Friendly reminder to send to the non-believers, in a simple to understand fashion

You can't opt-out of Google tracking your phone - Sen. Josh Hawley owns Google - PeerTube on

#gafam #google #privacy #tracking #surveillancecapitalism #optout #peertube

Finished first day of working in Montreal, preparing for another @snapcraftio Summit. We have invited ~40 guests to work together on making Linux application delivery better. We also have IoT and robotics experts coming too. Going to be a busy week ahead.

💚 :manjaro: Je suis tombé en amour avec #Manjaro!
Je lui ai fait une place sur mes disques durs, mais l'installateur ne voit pas mes partitions (et donc l'espace libre) parce que mes disques sont en RAID0.
Avec GParted, je vois tout!

Des suggestions?
Boosts apprécié!

Time to announce this plan: I am working on a redesign of the server picker. I am also planning to switch out the data source from to my own API. The main reason for this is the addition of a new guarantee that I would be able to give when linking to servers from That those servers would meet certain standards and enforce some basic rules of conduct.

Below is a screenshot with old, uncurated data as placeholder.


If you're on Mastodon and know the web address of someone on the Fediverse, you can use this to follow them.

1. Copy their profile's web address into the Mastodon search box (see screenshots).

2. Click search, this should bring up a link to the profile and a follow button next to it.

3. Click follow!

This works with many kinds of Fediverse addresses including PixelFed, PeerTube and others. Try it!

You can also use this technique with web addresses of individual posts.

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